Aloni Gabriel and Butterfly

Aloni Gabriel and Butterfly, a short story that will transport you to seven amazing countries located within the realms of your imagination

The book Aloni Gabriel and Butterfly in bilingual edition comes to its fourth edition. Elena Iglesias is a Cuban poet and winner of several literary awards.

Aloni Gabriel and Butterfly, a short story that will transport you to seven amazing countries located within the realms of your imagination.

It is a tale of a boy who hates being called the “G” word and the beautiful butterfly he befriends that flutters him away to magical, mythical lands.

Elena Iglesias

Elena Iglesias, Cuban poet and and winner of several literary awards

Each country they encounter is a kingdom of color, from blue to violet, each governed by an archangel and guided by a principle of character.

The Blue Kingdom is that of our Will. The Kingdom of Gold teaches us Wisdom, as the Pink Kingdom embraces the idea of Love, and so forth… until a wonderful spectrum of colors merge to illuminate an inspiring rainbow within Aloni Gabriel that can transform the world around.

 Aloni Gabriel is a child in a magic world of ancestral knowledge. Children will understand the morals perfectly, but an adult reader will not feel defraud.

 The artistic value of the illustrations complements very well the situations and personages of this tender story.

Concerning this new edition  Elena Iglesias is interviewed by Erginal Books.

Why a poet decides to write for young adults?

In my poetry, I am the center of my universe, everything revolves around me: my thoughts, feelings and believes, false or true. Writing for others, especially children and young adults, takes me away from my egocentric views and teaches me to look deeply inside, searching for everything I have been saving in there during many years. Poetry is introspection; narrative is participation.

 How was your interest born to become a children’s writer?

When a poet becomes a grandmother, a new light flares up inside her. When my first grandson, Aloni Gabriel, turned six, I wanted to give him a part of my soul, share with him my spiritual inheritance. Maybe he was too young to receive it, but it will be kept in a book forever.


Elena Iglesias and Aloni

The book is dedicated to her grandson Aloni.

The book is dedicated to your grandson Aloni. What does he think about this dedication?

Aloni Gabriel is very proud of the dedication and of his grandmother. He took the book to school to show it to his teacher and they ended up placing it in the library for all the kids to be able to read it.

 Which are you favorite young adult books?

All the stories by the Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Andersen; The Narnia Chronicles and all the Harry Potter’s books, among many others.

 Aloni Gabriel and Butterfly has already four editions.  What reactions have you had from the readers?

Surprise and enthusiasm. Everybody tells me that they are children stories for grownups. In general, my narrative is like that. There is not a clear line that separates the stories being for kids or adults. My inner child goes out to play and I allow him to do whatever he wants.

Which of your books is more satisfying to you?

All of them. Each one corresponds to a different stage in my life and in them I have manifested whatever I was at that moment. I am contented with my life and also with everything I have written.

 Do you think that the literature for young adults presents bigger challenges than the fiction for adults?

I think that to produce good literature is a big challenge to the imagination of the creators.  To capture my interest, literature, whether for young adults or grownups, has to have a big dose of originality and profundity.

Which is the most difficult part when you think of writing a new book?

A new idea. When finally I “get it,” the rest pours forth like an overflowing river. Afterwards the editing channels it… but I already had a lot of fun!

 Any suggestions for the new writers?

Be authentic, write with clarity, and let you beauty shine through the book’s body and soul.


Aloni Gabriel and Butterfly is on sale in Amazon and Barnes & Noble.