¡Piensa en grande!

Ese es el consejo a los empresarios de los jueces del  concurso anual Business Plan Challenge (Desafíos del Plan de Negocios). Los jueces tuvieron que trabajar duro, porque hubo más de 200 equipos inscritos en este concurso empresarial, el número 14 que se celebra. Business Plan Challenge es patrocinado por Pino Global Entrepreneurship Center,  de Florida International University.

Eriginal Books compitió en la categoría comunitaria y ¡fue seleccionada como semifinalista!

Eriginal Books en los semifinalistas del concurso Business Plan Challenges patrocinado por FIU

El 23 de abril se darán a conocer a los finalistas y se lanzará un concurso para el voto popular a través de un video. Así que si Dios quiere y Eriginal Books termina en los finalistas, espero contar con tu voto.

Y aunque no quede en las finales, hoy ya estoy feliz.

Los finalistas en la categoría comunitarias son:

  • Abilene Alliance, by Dr. Felix A. de la Iglesia, Gary L.W.G. Robinson and Terence M. Dolak. Mission: to develop and commercialize a group of custom-designed, multi-functional small molecules to treat Parkinson’s Disease.
  • Agape Marine Ventures, by Barbara Wooden. By growing fish from eggs through a hatchery process in cages 80 feet below the ocean’s surface, AMV aims to deliver fish free from mercury and contaminants and grown in an environmentally sound manner.
  • Bimotics, by Roberto Landrau and Areeya Lila. Bimotics drives business intelligence capability in small and medium businesses by enabling proactive analysis of operational and financial performance.
  • Blend Craft Wines, by Jeffrey Maltzman. Company creates a winery onboard a cruise ship — giving guests unique, interactive behind-the-scenes winery experiences while generating additional onboard revenue for cruise lines.
  • Cloud9World, by Andrea Nachtigall, Lorenza Gonzalez and Maria Candelaria Smith. In hundreds of stores, this product line of books, t-shirts, journals, placemats, caps and school supplies teaches kids about virtues.
  • Dog-E-Glow, by Gregory Brauser. Company offers a high-end line of LED designed pet collars, leashes and other accessories that feature collegiate, sports and other licensed logo designs.
  • Eriginal Books, by Marlene Moleon.Company offers authors publishing, coaching and promotional services to produce e-books in Spanish and multimedia books for kids in English and Spanish.
  • Haggol, by Yankell Benavides. Company would offer a one-stop place to shop for leases and aims to have a database that can be filtered by key factors in the consumer’s decision-making process.
  • Medivantix, by Eduardo J. Garcia. Company aims to empower the healthcare consumer to make better-educated decisions and seeks to become a national resource for both consumers and professionals, through a variety of products and services.
  • MiVesta, by Andrea Fuentes, Richard Velasquez and Christopher Harrison. By connecting people to cook together online in real time, MiVesta is a social collaboration platform to create, learn and share with friends, fellow foodies, or professional chefs.
  • My Cup of Cake, by Sharon Tracy and Peter Waters. My Cup of Cake, a restaurant-quality Belgian chocolate soufflé that can be made in under three minutes in its own ceramic cup, sells in several department stores .
  • Neva, by Dominic Maggio. Neva’s team is devoted to commercializing the previously gas-only (volatile) anesthetics Isoflurane and Sevoflurane into stable creams, gels and transdermal patches for purposes of providing quick pain relief and enhanced tissue healing.
  • WedWu, by Darren Atinsky. WedWu’s “Name-Your-Own-Price” format allows brides and grooms to shop, bid and book services. Once a reasonable offer is accepted, WedWu selects from a pool of pre-qualified vendors.

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